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Live performances of Bro Lynch Empty Live performances of Bro Lynch

Post  2x-Krazy on Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:12 am

As one of the biggest markets for Strange Music, Denver has earned quite a reputation for its live shows. Recently, Brotha Lynch Hung hit The Roxy for a one night performance that included some of his bloodiest cuts.

With an electric crowd watching on, Brotha Lynch Hung took the main stage at The Roxy and performed fan favorites like “I C U”, “My World”, and “I Plotted (My Next Murder)”. Singing along to every word, fans showed their support for Brotha Lynch Hung’s legendary career. From one ripgut classic to the next, Brotha Lynch Hung took Denver for a cannibalistic hell-ride as he prepares for the release of Mannibalector later this year.
source: Brotha Lynch Hung Live At The Roxy In Denver, CO

I like your live performances Bro!

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