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blh movie series album  Empty blh movie series album

Post  youngogloc on Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:29 am

is really starting to shape up

i wasent really impressed at the start of the series with dinner and a movie

though i like the album but not like seasons, loaded, or ebk 4 and now eat.

because the creative of the over all albums was in one album only

now it is expanded through out three albums and it was difficult to understand that

now im starting to see it for in this second installment and i cant wait for the manabalector album and the finally of the trilogy

i can only hope that the full movie can come out of this because i am starting to get it through the visuals of the videos

blh is one of my favorite artist and one of the most creative that i have known for a decade plus im proud to be a fan


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